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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Walmart Wine

Walmart has come out with $2 wine. I have written some taglines for them.

Walmart Wine. For the classiest trailers in the park.
Walmart Wine. Finally, a wine just for the homeless!
Walmart Wine. Treat your hooker to something special.
Walmart Wine. It’s vinegar that gets you drunk!
Walmart Wine. Available in red and white trash.
Walmart Wine. The casual alternative to boxed wine.
Walmart Wine. Use your loose change to get drunk!
Walmart Wine. Works great as a weapon if you’re getting date-raped.
Walmart Wine. Make a toast to welfare.
Walmart Wine. This is how memories are made…in the shelter.
Walmart Wine. The best nights start with Walmart wine and end in a pool of vomit.
Walmart Wine. For the price of adopting an Indonesian child, you can get drunk.
Walmart Wine. The taste of America.

1 comment:

Nathaniel said...

Walmart Wine: Cheaper than meth, and it's legal!
Walmart Wine: Now with real grapes!
Walmart Wine: Leave that cooking sherry behind.
Walmart Wine: Apply to the forehead. Walmart Wine: Apply to the forehead.
Walmart Wine: Apply to the forehead.