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Monday, November 14, 2005

Laughing Liberally Showcase

So I got a call back and performed on the showcase at Stand Up, NY last week. It was a blast. Stand outs included Eddie Brill, Dean Obedallah and Brian Finklestein from the UCB theatre, oh and me of course. There were a few other Bostonians on the bill, Baratunde and Myq Kaplan (my road tripping buddy) and Sean Crispo (formerly of Framingham.) Despite the 4 hours down and back (thanks for driving Amy!) it was a really great experience.

Laughing Liberally is still amorphous like comedy vapor but should be taking human form soon in the shape of the Laughing Liberally "Lab" and an upcoming club and college tour. I hope to be a part of it!

1 comment:

Lotus said...

Do you know what the funniest thing is about your comedy act? You. You are a walking talking joke. You are a fraud. You call yourself a liberal, a bleeding heart at that. You even like to ride the coat-tails of Quakers, although I can't imagine how that will help your career, and you only went to Quaker church twice in the 13+ years I knew you. What makes you such a liberal? Do you have to love everyone so your odds of someone loving you back are greater? Hey, whatever act works for you. Your political "humor" will last about as long as Dennis Miller's career, as long as Garafolo's stint on radio, and maybe as long as it takes my OATMEAL to cool off just enough so I can eat it.