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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Laughing Liberally Auditions

I'm trying out for a political comedy tour called Laughing Liberally. It's absolutely the perfect blend of my two favorite things (no, not fried dough and ice cream), socio-political activism and pants-peeing humor.

I'll be out rehearsing my audition set wherever I can this week, The Emerald Isle Sunday, The Office on Wed., and The Comedy Studio on Thursday. The rest of the time, I'll be puking because I'm so nervous.

Wish me luck, keep your fingers crossed, all that good stuff.


Mandy Donovan said...

Hey, I got a call back! I'll be appearing on the Laughing Liberally Showcase at Stand Up NY. Stay tuned for date.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy--
Congrats on the callback with the Laughing Liberally folks! You weren't, by any chance, the Boston-based comic I chatted with on Friday as we waited for our auditions, were you? (We saw the guy before you pound a brewski after his attempt.)

FYI, I got a callback, too (miracle of miracles), and will be practicing at The Comedy Studio on Wednesday night, as a matter of fact.

Best of luck regardless, and here's to liberal comedy and comics,
Ann Podolske