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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Support McCain Anti-Torture Bill

Please write, call or email your senators and President Bush. Ask them to support the McCain, Warner, Graham amendment to this year's defense bill that would outlaw "cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment" of prisoners in U.S. custody. It will also prevent the military from keeping "ghost detainees" off the books, and require interrogators to use only those techniques approved in the Army's new field manual.

Incredibly, the Bush Administration has threatened a veto of the entire defense bill over this one provision, saying it would "impair [the President's] ability to protect the nation from terrorists."

Go here to send an email to your senators:

Go here for other ideas on how you can let George Bush that supporting torture is UNAMERICAN:

1 comment:

Carolyn Williams Palit said...

I wrot to McCain and asked him to consider legislation to stop the torture of Americans at home, also.

The space weapons are up there kiddies and being used on Americans.

Don't knock this message until you truly read my website:

Carolyn Williams Palit
against torture EVERYWHERE