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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Laughing Liberally Shows

I feel guilty I've neglected you, blog. I've been favoring my myspace account. ( But I find this good ol' blog is still here waiting for me like that Shil Silverstein poem. The Giving Tree? I think Shel Silverstein also wrote songs in the 60's and 70's. Werewolf in London, maybe? I used to love Where the Sidewalk ends so much. Did everybody have that book in our generation? Or just the kids with hippie parents?

Speaking of hippies, I just got finished Laughing Liberally, Boston. It was the end of their mini-tour. I only got to participate in the Boston part, so my "tour" went from Medford to Somerville, but hopefully there will be more shows in the future. It was the best and most inspiring comedy show I've been a part of yet. It's so great to tell jokes to an educated, open-minded audience, where the purpose is first to entertain but a close second is to motivate. A comedy show might not change anything, but I feel reinvigorated to work for the end of the war, to elect representatives who aren't nuts, and to keep criticizing Bush until he heads back to Crawford. I bet some audience members are motivated as well. So cool. Makes me feel good. I'm gonna' go vote now.

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