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Friday, October 07, 2005

Russ Fenigold's Response to Bush's Speech

October 6, 2005

"The President still does not understand that his failed Iraq policy is making America weaker and our enemies stronger. The administration's strategy in Iraq is providing terrorists around the world with a recruiting pitch, international networking opportunities, unity with Iraqi nationalists, and on-the-job training in urban combat. We cannot afford a "stay the course," open-ended commitment in Iraq that threatens to break the U.S. Army and hurt the economy. Such a policy keeps America bogged down in Iraq rather than engaged in what should be a global campaign against terrorism. It's time for the President to put forward a strategy that actually makes us stronger in the fight against terrorism and safer here at home -- unfortunately he failed to do that today."

In June, Feingold introduced a resolution, the first of its kind in the Senate, that calls for the President to clarify the military mission in Iraq, lay out a plan and timeframe for accomplishing that mission, and publicly articulate a plan for American troops to return home. In August Feingold again jump-started the discussion by becoming the first member of the U.S. Senate to propose a target date to finish the mission in Iraq -- December 31, 2006.

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